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  • None out of the ordinary. 

  • Except she throws knives.



Despite the rumors of a mysterious clan living deep in the Trinity Wilderness in California, Lindy often hiked those mountains. One strange day, a creature appeared to her. This creature spoke with intelligence and offered an invitation: come to the clan.


She went with the creature. Far back in the mountains, high atop a lonely peak, stood a lighthouse. It was the strangest sight. The creature led her to the light house, but before they entered, it asked one question: 

Do you believe in God, or do you believe in science?

Lately, the clan has begun to test her, and sends her out on missions. She gets the feeling there is esoteric knowledge that's being hidden from her and the other lower ranking clan members. Her curiosity is overwhelming, and lately, she's been searching within the clan for answers. Nothing is wrong - but something definitely isn't right. 

Today, she is hiding out as the lead guitarist for Black Ramen.



  • Curious and naive, Lindy has joined a mysterious clan. The sense of belonging is comforting.

  • She enjoys the seclusion of the forest, but that doesn't stop her from practicing her passion - playing guitar in several rock bands. 

Lindy Day


  • Japanese swords and other weaponry.

  • Communicates telepathically but only to certain people.

  • Also communicates through water but we don't know to whom.

  • A LOT we don't know.



He was sent from the forest away from his wolf clan by the face in the water. Though he roams the city's alleys, he is known to go back to the forest to visit two graves. One has a headstone carved in Japanese where he places mochi. The other has a hoop drum mounted on a branch with feathers where he burns sage.  

Before he meets Lindy, Kenji and Ōkami Ringonoshima are forced to fight against each other as gladiators. Until, they see the symbol on both their wrists. They bow to each other, turn back to back, and prevail over their captors. 

There are some obscure references to him being trained by the Tengu.

Today, he hides out as the bassist and keyboardist for Black Ramen. 



  • Very decisive and brutal when he decides it’s necessary - no moral conundrum - sometimes acts too quickly

  • Protects children, animals, nature . A lovable Frankenstein

  • Socially awkward - often doesn’t know what to do in non-combat settings. Wears “Have A Nice Day” or “I Love Fallout Boy” buttons into battle.

  • Does off-the-wall things like an untrained child (hand him a meal and he may quietly start eating the plate)

  • He’s a walking WTF?

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